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Get Yourself Heard
With Label-Backed
Automated Growth Tools

Using our label-backed automated growth tools our professional marketers will increase your streams by 20% or it's free

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Get Yourself Heard
With Label-Backed
Automated Growth Tools

Using our label-backed automated growth tools our professional marketers will increase your streams by 20% or it's free

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Long gone are the days of submitting your song to the local radio station and getting played for thousands to hear. The digital age requires a new strategy, one that we’re happy to help with. With over 2400 unique playlists that all have a loyal following, we have the perfect home for your music.

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With the help of Premium Playlists you can…..

Reach that new loyal fan that’ll be at your next show

It’s harder than ever for music fans to find new artists they love. Premium Playlists puts your music right where your target audience hangs out, ensuring that you get the publicity you deserve.

Music Marketing On Autopilot

Stop releasing great music that nobody gets to hear!

Connect with premium playlist curators & grow your fanbase through the hottest streaming service on the planet. With over 345 million monthly active listeners, Spotify is an absolute goldmine for aspiring artists.


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Using our label-backed automated growth tool our professional
marketers will increase your streams by 20% or it's free

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Results delivered faster than Eminem rapping on Rap God

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Biggie said “Mo Money, Mo Problems” and you’re about to have a whole lot more problems.

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The streams on your song will only be from real people. Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto, see ya later!

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How long does it take for my song to be placed on a playlist?
We begin pitching your music to our curators immediately after your order has been completed. Once you’ve submitted your track, it can take anywhere up to 48 hours for your song to be placed.

If preparing for a song release, we recommend placing the order ahead of the release so your campaign will begin close to the release.
How do I submit my song?
Pick from our selection of packages. Choose your desired package and we'll do the rest.

If you aren't sure which package is best for you, we highly recommend that you book a call with one of our team members. They are happy to answer any questions you may have about which of our promotion options aligns with your goals.
How many streams can I expect?
Streaming results vary from artist to artist, it depends on a variety of factors; the quality of your song, how you engage with your fans, your re-targeting strategy, your brand positioning, etc.

However, all of our clients see an increase in streaming that correlates to the number of followers on the lists they are added to. The more followers you get exposed to, the more streams that you can generate.

Typically our artists see that around 34% of the followers who are exposed to their music end up streaming, so based on your package’s reach, this can be an easy calculation. Please keep in mind that these are estimates, and be cautious of companies that guarantee you streams.
Are the streams organic?
To ensure each campaign is successful, our team frequently verifies the playlist curators within our network to ensure they don’t use any malicious techniques to generate their listeners. We strictly prohibit them from delivering inorganic traffic to our artists.

Some steps we take to ensure the playlists in our network are organic include:
  • • Using Chartmetrics we analyze the historical data of each playlist before we accept it into our network. If we notice any red flags such as unrealistic follower growth, inconsistent daily stream amounts, presence of pulled songs on the playlist, etc.. Then we do not allow the playlist into our network.
  • • We interview each playlist curator over the phone before deciding to work with them or not. If we feel they don't have artists' best interests in mind, we will not work with them.
  • • We listen to each playlist once before deciding whether or not to work with them. If a playlist has no unifying features, whether it be genre, mood, or vibe, then we do not accept it into our network. In our opinion, if a playlist is comprised of completely random songs then there is no realistic audience that would listen to it, and therefore the playlist is probably inorganic.
  • Are the streams generated eligible for royalties and payments?
    Yes. All the streams we deliver will come through your Spotify for artists account and are thus eligible for royalties. Make sure you are registered and you will be set for your payday.
    How can I track my results?
    Spotify allows you to track the streams you receive from our playlists. You can track your progress via or

    If you are running other promotions, or just having a tough time identifying which playlists you've been added to, we can provide you a report. Email us at and we will send you links to the playlists you have been added to.